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Quercetin Benefits Linked To Genetics

By Stephen Daniells Nutra Ingredients USA Daily supplements of the polyphenol quercetin may boost levels of

Scientists Discover Steady Weight Gene

From ScienceDaily Against the backdrop of the growing epidemic of obesity in the United States, scientists

Blueberries For Muscle

From Ergo-Log Blueberries, and also cherries and grapes, contain phenols which are known to chemists as

Cissus’s Anabolic Effect

From Ergo-Log Some supplements companies claim that extracts of the Indian plant Cissus quadrangularis have an

28-homobrassinolide’s Anabolic Effects

From Ergo-Log 28-Homobrassinolide is a brassinosteroid found in minute quantities in the pollen of Chinese cabbage,

K2 Boosts Testosterone

From Ergo-Log The list of supplements that boost testosterone production has just got a little longer.