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Rhodiola For Fatigue

From Ergo-Log Runners who want better results when running on Saturday afternoons might be helped by

Post Workout Protein Synthesis

by Jerry Brainum Iron Man Magazine You’ve no doubt heard about the different absorption times of

Raisins As Good As Energy Gels

From Ergo-Log The energy gels that endurance athletes use during their intense training sessions work just

Kre Alkalyn Drama Continues

By Oliver Nieburg Nutra Ingredients USA Kre-Alkalyn makers All American Pharmaceutical has disputed a study funded

Herbal EPO Replacement?

From Ergo-Log Any self-respecting endurance athlete no longer even dreams of taking EPO. EPO is sooo

No DMAA In Geranium…

By Elaine Watson Nutra Ingredients USA If last month’s paper in the Journal of Analytical Toxicology