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Obesity Benefits From Krill Oil Shown In Mouse Study

By Stephen Daniells, Nutra Ingredients USA Supplementing a high fat diet with krill oil may activate

A Diet Plan Based On Your Genes May Be Coming Soon

By Nathan Gray A new EU funded project will gather an international group of experts to

More Milk/Soy Protein Linked To Lower Blood Pressure

From ScienceDaily Milk and soy protein supplements were associated with lower systolic blood pressure compared to

Leptin’s Key Function is Modulation of Inhibitory Output

From Science Daily Scientists have known for some time that the hormone leptin acts in the

Effects of Exercise On Meal-Related Gut Hormone Signals

ScienceDaily (July 12, 2011) — Research to be presented at the upcoming annual meeting of the

Healthy Habits Linked to Childhood Obesity in China

From Science Daily Teenaged boys from well-off Chinese families who say they are physically active and