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New Natural Testosterone Boosters

By Jerry Brainum, Iron Man Magazine The search continues for natural testosterone-boosting substances, which are of

Synephrine Solo Worthless, But With The Right Combination…

From Ergo-Log Synephrine, the active ingredient in Citrus aurantium had a moment as “the” successor to

New Role Of Creatine In Brain Function Found

By Robert Goldman MD, PhD, Iron Man Magazine Previous studies have suggested the role of creatine.

Average Definition Of Healthy Food Is Skewed

By Caroline Scott-Thomas, Nutra Ingredients USA Fortification and added healthy ingredients are stronger factors in driving

Less Renal Stress From Plant Proteins

From Ergo-Log Growing numbers of people suffer from chronic kidney disease. Risk factors include diabetes, high

How About Eating Those Egg Yolks

REFERENCES: Tran NL, et al. Balancing and communicating risks and benefits associated with egg consumption –