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Tip: Testosterone and Adult Entertainment

  Does watching smut boost your T levels? Well, it depends. Here’s the science.   Three

Late night snacker? Make it cottage cheese

  Eager to eat a snack before bedtime? A protein-filled snack like cottage cheese is the

Differences between male and female fat tissue, and health

  New research from York University on fat tissue is providing an important clue as to

How to Train Your Metabolism

  Your Guide to Metabolic Flexibility A Metaphor for Metabolic Flexibility I’m driving around Los Angeles

When fathers exercise, children are healthier, even as adults

  Matt Hurt shows his five-year-old son how to swing a baseball bat. A new study

‘Survival of the Fittest!’ Large-Scale Study Backs Classic Evolutionary Paradigm – Being Unfit Worse Than Smoking | Plus: Fit/Unfit – What are You + What Can You do About it?

  Even the difference between having ‘below ‘ vs. ‘above average’ fitness levels amounts to the