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Does Soy and Soy Protein Feminize You?

  Years of Research Reveal New Conclusions  Back in 1999, I got an email from someone

Bicarbonate + Beta-Alanine Supplementation, HIT Exercise Performance and Energy Substrates in 71 Trained Cyclists

  If there’s one take-home message from the study at hand, it is: While both SB&

Obesity: We inherit the dangerous fat from Dad — and the good fat from Mom

  A team of researchers, led by Professor Jan-Wilhelm Kornfeld from the Department of Biochemistry and

How exercise generates new neurons, improves cognition in Alzheimer’s mouse

  How to mimic the beneficial effects of exercise   A study by a Massachusetts General

How weight loss is linked to future health for older adults

  Studies describing the effects of weight loss on health rarely consider age. However, weight loss

Beating Your Genetics With Time Restricted Eating Patterns

  In research that was published in the journal Cell Metabolism1 on August 30, 2018, researchers at