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The 4 Healthiest, Muscle Building Vegetables You Should Include in Your Diet

  If you’re on a quest to build more muscle and if you’re reading this article,

Can a Mediterranean diet pattern slow aging?

  A series of six articles appearing in the March issue of The Journals of Gerontology, Series

More Than a Diet Myth? Dark Chocolate/Cacao Won’t Get You Jacked, but it May Help Maintain a Slim Waist Over Time

  I am not a fan of referring to the hierarchy of evidence (Haidich 2010, Figure 1) to

Plant-based diets: Are they nutritionally complete?

  Switching to a wholly plant-based diet has raised questions about nutrient deficiencies in vegans. But

This Chickpea-Based Snack Tastes Good Enough to Replace Your Junk Food Addiction (No, Seriously)

  Healthy snacks.   In America—where many associate snack food with chips, crackers, cookies and sweets—the

A Comprehensive Pegan Diet Guide And 7-Day Meal Plan

  There is no one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition or the “perfect diet.” Ask 10 people on