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The Ketogenic Diet & Your Gains: Study Shows Body Comp. Benefits (Fat ↓), but Decreased Muscle Gains, However…

  I am pretty sure you will already have seen the results of Salvador Vargas’ recent study

The 7-Day Nutrition Challenge

  A Week of Better Eating – Challenge Us! We asked several T Nation experts and pros

Fasting’s Effect On Cancer Cells – Very Positive Science

    Cancer cells have 10 times the amount of glucose and insulin receptors as a

10 Dietary Myths Destroyed

  No More Fake Dietary News Here, for your assimilation, are 10 nutritional sacred cows. They

Why There Is No “Best” Diet

  For decades, professionals in health care and non-professionals have argued about which diet is best

Do Onions Actually Increase Testosterone Levels?

  If you’re looking to increase your testosterone levels you will need to carefully examine your