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What happens to your body when you start following a low-sugar diet?

  Sugar is that magic ingredient which gives our energy levels an instant boost which is

Tip: How to Boost Appetite Suppressing Hormones

  Research suggests that adding this food to your meals promotes the release of hunger squashing,


  You may hear the terms whole foods or processed foods thrown around and be unsure

Next Halloween It’s Trick Or Diabetes

  Trick or treat, smell my feet give me something good to eat if you don’t,

The worst diet sodas and why you should avoid them

  A freshly re-branded Diet Pepsi, containing the phrase “aspartame free” on its silver label has

MCTs and High Protein – One Will Turn You into a Metabolic Furnace, the Other Will Just Burn Money – #ShortNews 10/18

  For today’s installment of the #ShortNews, I’ve picked two hitherto unpublished studies the main results