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Is "If It Fits Your Macros" Nonsense?

By trevorkashey Athletic Xtreme Unless you have been under a rock, you are hard pressed to

Carb Intake, Insulin And Energy

By Jeff Volek, PhD ProSource Exploring the Links Between Carb Intake, Energy Production, and Fat Utilization

Controlling Cheat Meal Damage

by TC T-Nation Here’s what you need to know… • Any meal over 750 calories (not

Treat Your Body Like A Science Lab

By Trevorkashey Athletic Xtreme Most people have the training portion of their fitness regime down. Training

Understanding Protein Pulsing

by Mike Roussell, PhD T-Nation Here’s what you need to know… • You don’t need to

Is Saturated Fat A Scapegoat?

By David Katz, M.D. HuffPost Healthy Living A commentary in the current issue of the British