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Treat Your Body Like A Science Lab

By Trevorkashey Athletic Xtreme Most people have the training portion of their fitness regime down. Training

Understanding Protein Pulsing

by Mike Roussell, PhD T-Nation Here’s what you need to know… • You don’t need to

Is Saturated Fat A Scapegoat?

By David Katz, M.D. HuffPost Healthy Living A commentary in the current issue of the British

New York Soda Ban In Court

By MICHAEL M. GRYNBAUM New York Times Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s ballyhooed and much-criticized attempt to

Put An Egg On Your….

by Kate Morinon Greatist Ahh, the humble egg. Few foods out there are as versatile as

Does Breakfast Speed Aging?

Paul Spector, M.D. HuffPost Healthy Living Breakfast is the only meal endowed with a health merit