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2.5g/d Betaine Double Fat Loss, Improve Lean Mass Gains | Citrulline & Glutathione Lack Effect on Body Composition

  Article #2 of this series is a bit more “anabolic” than the first serving. Based

Is Olive Oil Actually Healthy?

  The “Mediterranean diet” may just be the world’s healthiest diet.   If you’re not familiar

How to not Gain Weight During Your Offseason

  If you’re an active athlete, chances are there’s a difference between the amount of exercise

Protein: Can Too Much Kill You?

  News headlines this week grabbed readers attention with click-bait titles like, “body builder dies from

Is Peanut Butter Actually Healthy?

  What would we do without peanut butter?   Ever since it was first introduced at

New Research Carbohydrate Overconsumption a Factor

    A new epidemiological study published in The Lancet shows that abundant carbohydrate consumption is