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Can We Turn Couch Potato Kids Into Athletes?

  I was recently contacted by one of the regional managers for Pop Warner football to

Hot peppers and weed work on the gut to tamp down inflammation

  Looks like marijuana and chili pepper can be good for your stomach, says a study.

Low-sodium diet might not lower blood pressure

  Findings from large, 16-year study contradict sodium limits in Dietary Guidelines for Americans    

Can The Mediterranean Diet Prevent ADHD?

  The Mediterranean diet is ranked among the healthiest diets in the world by multiple sources.

Natural T A Rebound Story

  First, the important part: I’m not against testosterone replacement/hormone replacement (TRT/HRT) in the least, and

Restful and restorative sleep may be the key to a longer, healthier life

  Forget pulling all-nighters—sleep is a critical pathway for extending your lifespan, according to new research.