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Healthy diet? That depends on your genes

  A recently published Cornell University study describes how shifts in the diets of Europeans after

Excessive exercise may damage the gut

  A review of published studies has found that people who exercise excessively may be prone

Timing meals later at night can cause weight gain and impair fat metabolism

  New findings suggest eating late at night could be more dangerous than you think. Compared

10 Solid Reasons Why Yo-Yo Dieting Is Bad for You

  Yo-yo dieting, also known as “weight cycling,” describes the pattern of losing weight, regaining it

Fitness trackers accurately measure heart rate but not calories burned, study finds

  An evaluation of seven devices in a diverse group of 60 volunteers showed that six

How Many Hours of Sleep Do You Really Need?

  Sleep is absolutely essential for your health.   However, when life gets busy, it’s often