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A Look at the Mental Health Benefits of Exercising Regularly

  The majority of people exercise to lose weight, improve their cardiovascular health, gain muscle and

Get moving to get happier, study finds

  Physical activity has long been known to reduce depression and anxiety, and is commonly prescribed

Western diet depletes artery-protecting immune cells

  New research from scientists at the La Jolla Institute For Allergy and Immunology shows how

Study of nearly 300,000 people challenges the ‘obesity paradox’

  The idea that it might be possible to be overweight or obese but not at

How To Boost Growth Hormone Naturally

  Boost your growth hormone now!   Somatotropin, or growth hormone (GH) is an endogenous hormone

Training, Diabetes And Muscle Growth

  In the U.S. alone, one in 10 people were suffering from diabetes in the year