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More Muscle Helps Overall Health

By Monica Mollica To most people outside the gym, the word “muscles” brings to mind huge

Whey Causes Weight Loss At Equal Calories

By Stephen Daniells, Nutra Ingredients USA Supplements of whey protein, but not soy protein, may improve

Is A Slow Metabolism Why I’m Fat?

From Iron Man MagazineQUESTION: Tom, we all know people who eat recklessly yet are very lean.

Popular Diets Aren’t Necessarily Good Diets

by Jerry Brainum, Iron Man Magazine Statistics show that more than 34 percent of Americans are

Sleep your way to better performance and progress

By Rob Clarke of Driven Sports Many of us follow strict routines of eating and training

Mercury In Fish — How Much Is Too Much?

by Deepak Chopra, MD, Alexander Tsiaras, and When you order fish in a restaurant these