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Mercury In Fish — How Much Is Too Much?

by Deepak Chopra, MD, Alexander Tsiaras, and When you order fish in a restaurant these

Need to Lose Weight? Try A Mini-Fast

By: Jerry Brainum While many diets promise substantial bodyfat loss, they all have a built-in negative

Take a Resveratrol Supplement in Addition to Your Red Wine – Optimal Health and Youth

By Charles Poliquin Resveratrol is famous for being a compound found in red wine and for

If you’re exercise-phobic, you’ll be happy here

Lexington, Ky. named the most sedentary city in the U.S., followed by Tulsa and Oklahoma City;

Unhealthy Lifestyle Is Associated With Sexual Dysfunction

A new study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicinereveals that several unhealthy lifestyle factors, such

Eggs’ Antioxidant Properties May Help Prevent Heart Disease and Cancer, Study Suggests

One of nature’s most perfect foods may be even better for us than previously thought. While