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Sleep your way to better performance and progress

By Rob Clarke of Driven Sports Many of us follow strict routines of eating and training

Mercury In Fish — How Much Is Too Much?

by Deepak Chopra, MD, Alexander Tsiaras, and When you order fish in a restaurant these

Need to Lose Weight? Try A Mini-Fast

By: Jerry Brainum While many diets promise substantial bodyfat loss, they all have a built-in negative

Take a Resveratrol Supplement in Addition to Your Red Wine – Optimal Health and Youth

By Charles Poliquin Resveratrol is famous for being a compound found in red wine and for

If you’re exercise-phobic, you’ll be happy here

Lexington, Ky. named the most sedentary city in the U.S., followed by Tulsa and Oklahoma City;

Unhealthy Lifestyle Is Associated With Sexual Dysfunction

A new study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicinereveals that several unhealthy lifestyle factors, such