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Study takes stand on true health benefits of getting up out of your chair

  Office employees who opt to stand when working are likely to be burning only fractionally

Is being a night owl bad for your health?

  Night owls may have a higher risk of suffering from heart disease and type 2

Insufficient sleep in children is associated with poor diet, obesity and more screen time

  New study suggests a relationship between insufficient sleep and an unhealthy lifestyle   A new

The role of Insulin for muscle gain, fat-loss and health

  Have you ever wondered what insulin resistance actually is? Or perhaps what insulin sensitivity is?

The Bodybuilder’s Guide to Blood Work

  Why Your Doctor Thinks You’re Dying  I’m going to venture a guess about what happens

Risk factors of type 2 diabetes and CVD accumulate in children with poor aerobic fitness

  Risk factors of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease accumulate in children who have poor