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The First Mr Olympia Passes Away

By Flex Staff The bodybuilding world is mourning the loss of Larry Scott, the first-ever winner

Evan Centopani Wins Tampa IFBB Pro, Qualifies for Olympia

By Andrew Oye ProSource The Item: IFBB Pro League Contest Results The Scoop: Just Announced: Over

2013 NPC USA Championship Winners

By Mike Salazar Flex Near record breaking numbers made for an impressive and competitive weekend here

Genetics And Bodybuilding

by Matt Brzycki T-Nation It’s well known to everyone that genetics influences a variety of physical

Sergio Oliva Passes Away At 71

By Andrew Oye ProSource The Item: Legends Update The Scoop: Just Announced: Actor and legendary Mr.

Pro Bodybuilders And Stomach Distension

by Mike Arnold Iron Magazine Stomach distension. What started out as an anomaly in the mid-90’s