Big Ramy Looking Beefy AF At 340 Lbs!


Big Ramy just keeps getting bigger.


When many fans speak about open weight bodybuilding, a good chunk of the time the conversation is dedicated to the debate of whether or not Phil Heath can be dethroned. It’s with good reason too as the Olympia champion has proven himself to be a true monster and nigh invincible. Now that Kai Greene is exploring other ventures, there appears to be only one other candidate that can pose a serious challenge to Heath.


Big Ramy.

Training out in Kuwait and turning himself into an absolute monster in doing so, Mamdouh ‘Big Ramy’ Elssbiay has been touted as the man to beat Phil Heath for quite some time now. While he still has yet to crack the top three for whatever reason, Big Ramy has shown that he has what it takes in pure genetics and physicality to be the man that dethrones Phil Heath.


While some are insisting that Big Ramy needs to bring his size down in order to be a true challenge to Phil Heath, it appears that the Egyptian powerhouse is going in another direction. Rather than lose size he’s looking to maintain his considerable heft, perhaps even grow more muscle in fact. A recent Instagram post of Big a Ramy shows that the mammoth bodybuilder is planning to do just that and bring his physique to nigh inhuman levels of heft. Take a look at the post below of Big Ramy looking absolutely beefy at 340 lbs.


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