AVOID These 3 Low-Quality Proteins


What’s going on, SixPackAbs.com? Thomas here and, you know me when it comes to protein… I don’t recommend eating copious amounts of protein to begin with, but today, I’m here to inform you of the 3 lowest-quality protein sources you should be staying away from, especially if you’ve been eating a ton of them.



#1 – 0:38 – Tilapia

Tilapia you buy at the store is all farm-raised and the fish are fed pig and chicken feces because it’s cheaper…

Tilapia = 105mg of Omega-3’s
Salmon = 2000mg of Omega-3’s


#2 – 1:46 – Low-quality Lunch Meats

Eating bologna or deli meat is NOT going to get you the results you’re looking for.

2:05 – Nitrosamine is a known carcinogen – being exposed over time can increase your risk for cancer.


#3 – 3:25 – Whey Protein (Concentrate)

3:42 – Whey concentrate is low-quality and still contains everything that milk does


There you have it, guys – stay away from: Tilapia, low-quality lunch meat, and whey protein CONCENTRATE.


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This ain’t no body by Tilapia?!




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