Arnold Classic 2017: Days Out, Guy Cisternino’s Legs Are Looking Absolutely Freaky


Crazy leg genetics.


The 2017 Arnold Sports Festival features some of the greatest athletic talent in the world in a number of different categories. While the open weight division is headlining the jam packed card, there are other divisions to consider heading into the first big pro show of the year. The 212 division features some of the best talent the category has to offer save for James ‘Flex’ Lewis himself. There are so many contenders competing at the Arnold Sports Festival that it wouldn’t be farfetched to believe the winner of the show will be Flex Lewis’ biggest challenge at the Olympia this year. One of those contenders is Guy Cisternino.


Known as being a bodybuilder with a cocky side, Guy Cisternino would insist that you look at him as a man filled with confidence and why not. He’s a top level bodybuilder who constantly breaks the top ten at the Olympia. He has shown the tools to get things done and trains his ass of in the gym. Even when a big competition is around the corner, you can bet that Guy Cisternino will still be training hard refusing to play it safe. This post says it all.


This mindset has carried the talented 212 competitor very far in his bodybuilding career, but so has his work ethic and incredible genetics. Just take a glimpse at his legs heading into the Arnold Sports Festival and try to argue against his incredible potential.


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