4 Ways Intermittent Fasting Can Burn More Body Fat This Holiday Season


What’s going on, SixPackAbs.com? Thomas here again with a video you’re gonna want to see for the holidays.


Today I’m talking about intermittent fasting through the holidays so you not only have a negative impact on your weight loss goals but are able to continue to burn fat through all the holiday festivities.


You see, intermittent fasting isn’t just trending as a “fad diet” for those of you who may have heard of it. The mainstream media is praising this protocol of eating for more than just it’s fat loss implications.



Let me explain:
0:43 – Fasting a couple days a week while eating 500-600 calories on those days can help to dramatically improve your immune system, cognitive functions, as well as burn fat.http://www.npr.org/sections/thesalt/2015/01/12/376712920/minifasting-how-occasionally-skipping-meals-may-boost-health


1:28 – Don’t think or plan to fast on days you’re having those big family meals and want to indulge on. So, for that week you know that those meals are happening, implement a few days of fasting in.


1:56 – By reducing your caloric intake throughout the week, it’s like giving yourself some leeway or an allowance for cheat meals and indulging.


2:25 – In the study referenced by the Washington Post, those that intermittent fasted, on average, lost 9% of their overall body weight over the course of 6 months.




3:02 – The very same subjects had an 80% adherence rate to stay with fasting over the 6-month span. Since the holidays only last half of that time, say 3 months starting in November, you can put together that fasting can drastically impact losing weight.


3:32 – Travelling during the holidays can jeopardize fat loss.3:55 – Fast while you’re traveling. Plan on having your fasting window throughout the flight or drive to wherever it is your going, then eat once you’ve arrived to your destination.


4:17 – The utilization of stored body fat for energy starts after 12 hours of fasting. After 12 hours, the proportion of energy that your body is getting from fat improves dramatically by the hour.


5:17 – After 12-13 hours of fasting, your body is exponentially burning more stored body fat.


I want to make sure you know the process and “why” behind how fasting works for fat loss.


That’s why I just posted my other video explaining my complete, comprehensive intermittent fasting protocol that you can start right now. I call it Science Based Six Pack.


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