4-Minute Micro Boot Camp Workout



As any busy man going through life – with school, work, family, relationships, and friends – finding time to workout can be difficult. What’s worse? When you finally get the time to train, you aren’t sure what to do to be as efficient and effective as possible.


So, today here is a very quick, 4-minute micro boot camp workout you can fit in at home or at the gym. It’s only 4 minutes, so make the most of it by pushing yourself, breaking a sweat, and elevating your heart rate.



How much time do you typically have to train? Are you still finding it tough to fit in training? What else are you wondering about that you could start doing to help yourself get in shape? Let us know in the comments below what’s going on.


Source: https://sixpackabs.com/4-minute-micro-boot-camp-workout/

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