2 Weeks Out From The Arnold Classic, William Bonac Is Pulling Serious Weight And Looking Beastly


William Bonac is in beast mode.


With the Arnold Sports Festival just weeks away, William Bonac is looking pretty impressive in his preparation. Ever since coming in third place as the Olympia back in September, Bonac has been on everyone’s radar and is looking more and more like a threat with every passing year.


While Phil Heath and Big Ramy are both preparing for this year’s Olympia show, William Bonac is looking to capture some other titles to ensure that he qualifies for the event. Everyone may be focused on the number one and number two bodybuilders, but make no mistake, William Bonac is hot on their heels and could very well pull some upsets.


In preparation for the Arnold Classic, William Bonac has been hard at work in the lab and is looking even more impressive than ever. Take a look at some of his training for the upcoming event.




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