2 Myths DEBUNKED On Intermittent Fasting (Calories & Losing Muscle)


What is up, SixPackAbs.com? It’s Thomas DeLauer here today to clue you guys in on why you don’t need to be freaking out about fasting.


You see, there is a different way you need to be looking at calories and, in fact, one common myth that you need to have debunked to better understand and can really benefit from intermittent fasting.



Let’s get right to it:

#1 – 0:48 – How To Look At Your Daily Calorie Intake

1:15 – “Our bodies don’t necessarily know what 1 day is…”
1:38 – Rather than looking at it on a daily basis, how about your WEEKLY calorie intake?
2:11 – Look at your diet from a different scale
2:43 – How does this come into play with intermittent fasting


#2 – 3:25 – Stop Freaking Out – You’re Not Gonna Lose Muscle!

3:40 – Your body is always breaking down muscle, no matter what; known as gluconeogenesis
4:20 – Autophagy


There you have it, guys. I need you to stop believing that you’re going to lose precious muscle mass when you’re fasting or that your daily calories in are the only things you need to track.


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I’ll See You Next Time,




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